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Welcome, This is OORT World!

I am a collector of NFT. For several months, I have been looking for any possibility of NFT. I tried a lot of NFT, the same as before, until I saw Oort, an NFT game that encapsulates financial tools such as pledge, loan and mortgage into game mining.

What is Oort digital? What surprises does it have for the future?

Oort digital is building a game + defi ecosystem that will maximize the value of NFT.
NFT can store, transport, borrow, lease, trade, pay, mine, and price discovery in new ways. Their naive goal is to extend it to the entire gamefi ecosystem of NTS metaverse. Although it’s an adventurous idea and can be considered surreal at the moment, their communities and groups can clarify any one of us through discord and telegram.

Why do I highly recommend this project?

This is a character cultivation game. By using the financial tools in it, including but not limited to mortgage, loan, etc., you can obtain equipment, upgrade character attributes, and enhance character combat effectiveness, which is reflected in getting lower handling fee rewards and generating more mining rewards. Moreover, the game can be combined with all kinds of blockchain projects with interesting prospects on the market, and there is a very large space for cooperation with them.

If we can cooperate with good projects or exchanges, then this game has strong investment and growth. Can bring greater returns to our investors. Through games and other forms, the combination of financial attributes makes it easier for ordinary players to learn and accept.

Now let’s take a look at the specific content of the game:

NFT collector, DEFI player, BlockChain Developer